Paper Belts?

I have this small area in my shop near the back with a rack that holds about 50 different large sheets of paper.  They are from all over the world; India, Japan, everywhere.  They’re about 30″X50″ in size and I sell them by the sheet.  They range in price from about $6 a sheet to $20 a sheet.  The Japanese papers are near the higher end…but they are stun-ning!  Mostly I sell them to clients when they want their gifts wrapped in something very beautiful.  But I have some clients that like to scrapbook with them, line books with them or they frame them and then hang them on the wall to fill a bare space in their home. But today, I heard of a new utility for them.  She is creating belt buckles from them with an overlay of something clear and black leather.  I can’t wait to see this belt. I have got to have one.

Fine Wrapping Paper
TT Patton Wrap

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