There’s a light in the darkness…

I loaded an iPod months ago with music from my husband’s music collection.  Most of what I play in the shop is light jazz, inspirational and all around feel good music.  I like to play music that doesn’t make you feel tired while listening, nor does it rush you, but sometimes you might forget it’s even playing in the background.  Usually I like to fill the space with soothing music to make people feel comfortable.

I Know Where I've Been

But just a few minutes ago, I heard a song that just makes me think of the devastation of the past week, I Know Where I’ve Been sung by Queen Latifah.  It’s on the Trav’lin Light CD.  I have a few favorites on this CD, but this one just makes me pause… listen to that voice deep within…and maybe I’ll see that light up above showing me the way….because I know where I’ve been….there’s a road we’ve been traveling….lost so many along the way…

Hope for Haiti.

I think I’ll play it again….


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