Business’ Best Friend | Barrington Bank

Barrington Bank VP at TT Patton

They are a bank,  located in the nice white building in the center of town.  I’ve always liked the rotunda on the corner of their building which is just at the corner of the block.  It’s probably used for parties and events or for those who want to sit and chat about borrowing more money.  Actually they have a couple of locations in town and I’ve heard they call their collection of buildings a ‘campus’.

But today on a rather cold afternoon, one of the Vice Presidents stopped to tell me the steps just outside my shop were icy and he’s afraid someone might fall and hurt themselves.  Now before you lecture me, I do shovel my own sidewalk when it snows since the trucks can’t plow and salt around my steps.  But….I guess my shoveling skills aren’t so great.

But not to worry, Mr. VP just happened to have a cup of salt back at the bank and he’d be ‘right back to help me out.’  And true to their advertising headline in the Quintessential Barrington this month Barrington Bank & Trust really are Business’ Best Friend. Oh and by the way, they’ve always been a good neighbor.  Thank you Mr. VP!

Barrington Bank & Trust | Business' Best Friend

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