5th graders discover writing…again

National Postal Museum Smithsonian Institute

They are 2 groups of 5th grade students.  One group is from Barrington, and the other group is from Chicago.  As part of an ongoing Pens For Kids program at their schools, they were asked to participate in an essay writing contest.  The questions…

Why do you feel penmanship is important and what does it say about you as a person?

With all of the high-tech methods of communication, what does the phrase, “The Art of Writing,” mean to you and your generation?

I received 32 essays and all were handwritten.  The Barrington student’s essays were graded by the Chicago teacher and Chicago student’s essays were graded by the Barrington teacher.  Fair.  The best part was I actually got to read them all.  And what they wrote made me pause.  We still have young students that have a passion for writing in Chicago and in Barrington.

And so the winners of the contest, based on penmanship, content and grammar are…

Kenneth Hughes, Jr. from John J. Pershing West Middle School in Chicago, and Augustine Benjamin from Roslyn Road School in Barrington.

The prize…a trip to Washington, DC to represent TT Patton at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum’s, Family Festival Day in May 2010.  All sponsored by the Pen Collectors of America, Pens For Kids fundraiser held by TT Patton.

Now that makes my day!  Who knew the next generation would discover writing…again.

For more information on Pen Collectors of America, go to http://www.pencollectorsofamerica.com.

Pen Collectors of America

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