Summer Camp | Not Just For Athletes

I know there is still snow outside, but I’m getting really excited about the new WRITE WITH US Creative Writing Summer Camp, a week-long camp of creative writing designed just for young students 9-12 years old. Students will learn how to use a fountain pen, make their own journals, and work with other creative papers. They’ll even decorate a real mailbox used to store their writing supplies, to collect mail at home or to keep letters waiting to mail to friends and family. During the camp we will do a little bit of journaling, write a little bit of fiction and catch up on a little letter writing. And it’s all held in a fun and interactive environment created just for young writers.

So, I stayed up late last night creating the promotional material and registration forms.  I even sent out a request for high school juniors and seniors to assist with the program as summer interns.  Now that’s a cool summer gig.  So I’m well on my way.  All I need are 12 kids each week!  So mark your calendars for June 21st-25th, July 19th-23rd and August 9th-13th | Monday – Friday | 10am – Noon. It’s $110 per session and includes all the supplies you’ll need.

But as I use new technology more and more, I always find new things.  And last night I discovered  Who knew?  And wow! You can link programs to programs pretty easily these days. So I thought I would share my first poll.  Now, I know it’s meant for kids, but just think back…to 3rd or 4th or 5th grade…what would you have answered?  Or you can just answer for your kids now.  Or you can just enjoy my new found technical skills!


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