Census 2010. Go ahead…send it in! Really?

Census 2010. Time To Be Counted!

I can finally answer the first question on the census form.  It reads…How many people were living in this house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2010?  Not sure why it was written that way if they wanted you to send it in earlier?  But I’m still conflicted. If I mail it back, those census workers (over 48,000 I’m told) will not be needed next month.  They will be out of a job.   If I put it in my mailbox the mail carrier will have something to collect on Saturday and possibly keep their Saturday routes.  I really like my mail carrier!  Mmmm…..the mail carrier or the census worker….trying to save jobs….trying…one at a time…

Support Your Mail Carrier

Perhaps they should have just given the mail carrier an additional assignment on Saturdays, collect the census forms.


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