Miss you already…

Rarely do I stumble upon someone who shares a similar interest, motivation, drive and level of perfection as I do.  But I must say, I got real lucky this summer to stumble upon a young lady that was just as interested as I was in building a fun, yet educational writing environment for students right here at TT Patton.  Together, we’ve been busy and have spent all summer creating what we believe is a very cool environment.  But, I’m sad to say, time is running thin for my partner in crime.

Intern – 1st day on the job.  All bright-eyed and ready to go!

Molly Koeneman, a Senior from Western Kentucky University, came zooming into Barrington the first week of June not quite knowing what to expect.  But she was up for the challenge, hit the ground running and she’s been nonstop ever since.  I must admit, with all the work she’s done in just 10 weeks, she’s transformed; summer intern to Youth Director!

Along with running the shop on occasion, she created and taught 4 weeks of writing camp for over 40 students this summer in our new room Write Under the Stairs.  Our camp students from Barrington and surrounding areas praised Molly’s instruction and content as they wrote journal entries, letters, poetry and short stories in their hand decorated journals.

But she didn’t just focus on the summer writing camps.  She sourced a calligrapher, added two calligraphy classes for the kids and also participated in a Pens For Kids program for a Chicago middle school.  While others were out enjoying their evenings and weekends, Molly was doing market research in other villages, working at the Barrington Brat Tent and Sidewalk days, and shopping for mailboxes for her camp students to decorate.

Youth Director – Last week on the job, experienced!

It is with certainty, that Molly has raised the bar for the next Youth Director.  In her final assignment she’s written the syllabi and planned the promotional campaign for all new writing classes and camps at TT Patton for the 2010/2011 school year.  And the students are going to love them!

Molly, good luck in your final year at WKU.  We will certainly miss you at TT Patton.  Thanks for the memories and your outstanding service. You are always welcome, anytime!  TTP


4 thoughts on “Miss you already…

  1. Love the two photos! But I think Molly’s thinking something sassy in the second one. A summer with TT Patton will do that to you ;). Best of luck to you, Molly. Come back and see us soon.

  2. I don’t know about sassy, but I felt like my students probably do when I take pictures of them working. Thanks Theresa, it’s been an amazing summer and I’ve learn so much from you. These last days will go by too fast.

    (And the thing about hunting mailboxes–honestly the most annoying thing I had to do all summer.)

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