The MOVIE Write Under the Stairs

We had such a great time during the summer writing camps at TT Patton.  We planned 3 weeks of camp, but added 2 extra weeks due to popular demand.  Students and parents met new people with like interests and many friendships have formed.  Although our little student writers are back in school writing out homework assignments, many have stopped in to say hello, to pick up school supplies, or just to show their friends around the room.

Before the camps ended, we thought it would be great to capture memories of the TT Patton summer writing camp experience in a short film titled The MOVIE Write Under the Stairs.  We invited all the students and their parents back at the end of the last session for a pizza party and final-filming.  We hope you will enjoy the movie coming in September.  But for now, the preview..


2 responses to “The MOVIE Write Under the Stairs

  1. This video is so great! I love the kids’ interviews and it left me wanting to see more. I’m always impressed with the cool things you do, Liz

  2. the corporate gifts that we usually get are those free pens and stationeries .

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