Well the summer is over, but there are still writing classes at TT Patton.  Sign up today for our next student writing class…Stories Under the Stairs with Author Carmela Martino, Friday, September 24th, 10:30am – 12:00pm when you’re out of school.  You’ll learn all about anthologies and participate in writing one.

21 Things We Did This Summer

One of my favorite blogs is 365Barrington.com – 365 Things to do in and around Barrington.  So we decided to ask kids during Sidewalk Days what THEY did in and around Barrington this summer.  So when kids stopped at TT Patton’s, something exciting was awaiting them in the writing realm. This excitement was found at a little desk sitting outside manned by the Youth Director, Molly Koeneman.  She posed a writing prompt on a small chalkboard, “What did you do in Barrington this summer?”

Their answers were exciting and may be something you and your family may want to try next summer!  Here’s the list…in no particular order…

Going to the beach
Making Bonfires
Going to the movies
Going shopping
Going out for ice-cream
Writing stories
Playing outside
Going to the park
Playing sports
Going to the library
Playing on the computer
Going bowling
Going to parties
Hanging out at home with the family
Going to the side-walk sales
Marching or going to the 4th of July parade
Learning something new, like chess
Going out to dinner
Going to TT Patton’s writing class!

Write with us!


One thought on “21Barrington.com

  1. I love it! 21 sounds like such a nice and happy number. 365? Well that’s just … A LOT! I love how you engage people at your store and I sure do miss Ms. Molly K. Talk soon, Liz

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