Love my clients!

I love my small business.  After working for two very large corporate giants, I got to know some pretty amazing people.  But the ability to make company decisions while in the shower or making coffee or just driving in to work, well, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  However, I never say never. 😉

But a pretty big reason why I like owning a small business is not because of the Small Business Jobs Act just signed by President Obama.  Nor is it because I can pay myself a big salary and play golf all day or ride my motorcycle, the one that frowns at me every day I get in my car.

But the number one reason why I like my small business is because of my clients.  I love my clients! Tell me…. in your 9 to 5 do your clients bring you coffee on first Fridays?  Do they take you to lunch just to say ‘thanks for helping me’?  Do they invite you to an event just because they know you will love it!  Or do they run a few errands for you because you’re busy running your shop? Do they wave at you walking home from the train….carrying your logo bag!?  Or my absolute favorite, do they send you notes in the mail just to say hi or thank you…on stationery they bought from you?

While I plan for my 5th anniversary this November, my thoughts are on how to say thank you to my clients. Because without you, I might just sit in my shop and journal all day! So here’s to my clients, I love you guys! And just in case you never hear me say it, know that I write about it all the time.


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