Back in 3 Minutes

When I run to the post office, or to the UPS store, or even to McGonigal’s to grab a quick sandwich, I put a sign on the door knob that says Back in 3 Minutes.  Many of my clients have asked, why 3 minutes and not 5 minutes or 10 minutes?  Or why not put a little clock on the door that states the time of my return?  Not sure…why 3 minutes…but that’s how long it takes me to heat something in the microwave, or to run to the washroom, or to run across the street to grab a coffee at Cook Street Coffee.

But I will have a larger sign on the door tomorrow… Back in 6 days!  Yep, TT Patton be closed October 12th-October 16th, opening again on Monday, October 18th at 10am.  I know you’re sad and mad already!  Why are we closed, you might ask?  Well, I’m going on a buying trip to finalized many of my new holiday items, just for you!  We’re expanding our entire line of stationery, journals, pens and invitations.  And to make sure I bring in the very best, I’m going to hand-pick them, just for you!

61626 Sale

But while I’m way….please keep in touch.  You can send me a note in the mail!  If it’s postmarked on or before October 16th, I’ll give you 26% off any item in the shop.   Post a comment on the TT Patton Facebook page on or before October 16th, and you will also receive 26% off your next purchase.  Or simply come in next week and mention 61626 and receive 26% off any item in the shop. Yep it’s a 61626 Sale – Back in 6 days, closed through the 16th, and then a sale to welcome you back to shop at 26% off!

Now… are you still sad that we’ll be closed until October 18th?  I know…. I miss you already! Remember 61626, and that will hopefully make you feel better! 😉


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