Stationery Marriages

Every year around this time, I start to get antsy.  And no, not because it’s the biggest season for retailers.  But because it’s time to decide on our family holiday cards!  You might think it’s easy, I own a stationery store.  But it’s a little more complicated than that.  When my niece, “G” and then exchange student Ilse lived with us, it was easy.  Just put their photos on the card.  But now that it’s just Jesse and I, I like to try to marry both of our passions. His of course is Motorcycle riding…mine, obviously paper.  In the past, I’ve done engraved, metallic print, and last year a wonderful letterpress from bell’INVITO.  So what to do this year?  Everyday I change my mind.  Why?  Because everyday I open a new package of fabulous products.

Patton Holiday Card 2009

I know it’s getting close to Christmas because the UPS and FedEx guy make frequent deliveries.  And believe it or not, I get very excited about opening the packages.  You would think since I did the buying I would know what was inside.  But when you’re buying, you’re in a zone.  Sometimes I’m in the shop so I can see how products merchandise together.   And sometimes I’m on the road, online, or at big show somewhere.

So since I’m trying to ‘marry’ our two passions, I thought maybe I’d take a lesson from Dempsey & Carroll. Besides having one of my favorite account managers, Jenine, Dempsey & Carroll likes to perform marriages of sorts with paper. In my latest shipment, their lovely John Derian/Dempsey & Carroll collaboration.  And what a lovely marriage they make!  It think the white card with red trim paired with a signature alphabet image from John Derian makes for a lovely combination.

John Derian Collection

The other marriage, Dempsey & Carroll’s partnership with Simon Doonan.  You can’t beat the wit of Simon.  I mean really, engraved cards printed with “SKINNY JEANS are the new PANTY HOSE”.  He even left one blank,  “________are the new _______”.

Simon Doonan Collection

So while I contemplate what to do about marrying Jesse’s passion for motorcycle riding with mine for paper, I’ll just play with the new product….for now.  It does get to be too late to order at some point…


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