Welcome to 2011. Can you believe it?  I remember getting ready for the big change over for Y2K.  Boy was that a bust…all the fuss and nothing.  And look what happens this year…alarm clocks don’t work on the iPhone. See, you can’t always depend on technology.

I’m excited about the new year.  So much so, I spent almost the first 3 days of the year at home.   Yep, I didn’t leave the house for over 70 hours.  It was nice. I just piddled around cooking, snacking, drinking, watching movies, etc.  It was pure relaxation.

Now, I’m ready to set the world on fire!  But you know what happens the first of the year…paperwork!  As a stationery lover, I like to write on paper not push it around.  So, I really don’t like paperwork…it’s tedious.  So, instead, I procrastinate.  And what have I found to keep me busy?  I’ve discovered soooo many new things.  Well one thing…as you can see, I’ve discovered new formats for the blog.  Yep, I’m going all the way blog this year.  How do you like this look?  It’s rough right now, but like how it feels already.  If you tell me what you think in this fancy questionnaire, I’ll send you a surprise.   So go ahead…fill it out!

Next on the list of discoveries, I’m planning for the big NY Gift show at the end of the month.  Really it’s an excuse to visit all of my fantastic vendors in New York, like Dempsey and Carroll, Graphic Image, Mr. Boddington, Constance Kay, and those that I’m sure to meet at the show.

But just hang on, I’m planning a lot of cool happenings this year.  But I can’t start working on them until I finish my tedious paperwork. But I can’t stop this procrastination.  Before you start lecturing, look what I found right here in Chicago at a nice boutique called Kneen; beautiful engraved stationery by The Printery.  Nice huh?  But that’s just for my personal stash…I have to finish my paperwork before I can begin to look for you!


Acorns, Engraved Boxed Notes by the Printery

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