Fun in 4th Grade with Mr. Wager

I think I’ve only been in an elementary school two or three times since I graduated 5th grade.   So it was a real treat to be the “guest speaker” for Valentine’s Day in Mr. Wager’s 4th grade class at Grove Elementary School.  As promised we talked about lots of fun things related to writing and the history of pens. But I also demonstrated fountain pens and passed out cool stationery so the students could practice using their pens and feel comfortable.

Once we got the pens working, the students used their stationery to write letters home.  Yes, you heard right, we were handwriting letters with fountain pens in 2011!  No emailing and texting with this group.  We even addressed the envelopes, affixed postage stamps and then they all went in the mailbox!

Mr. Wager is a distinguished 4th Grade Teacher at Grove Elementary School

So thank you Mr. Wager and Grove Elementary School for inviting me to your Valentine’s Day party.  It was fun to see the enthusiasm from the students.  I must say, it was a tough spot, at the end of the day and just before the party really got started.  But it was a very attentive and engaging classroom and I had a great time.   And “room moms”….the treats and that hot chocolate were pretty delicious!


2 thoughts on “Fun in 4th Grade with Mr. Wager

  1. “Write Under the Stairs” stationary? Of course! You find so many things for the youth community to do. Maybe you should have a youth director or something, haha.

    It looks like a fun time. I wish someone had come to my fourth-grade class and taught me how to write with a fountain pen.

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