Stationery isn’t just for girls

You know you have an addiction when you surf the internet looking for stationery.  I think most would consider that an oxymoron.  It’s not like I need anything new, but I just love looking at it.  So when I bring in new products, I like to see what others think about my selections.  Making a decision in an industry that cultivates such creative products is difficult.  So usually I’ll do a google search and see what people are saying about the brand.

Raeanne Giovanni-Inoue for The New York Times

In a few days or so, you’ll see what new products I’ve selected for TT Patton.  There’s a blend of light and airy and bold and beautiful.  But most of the new products will make you feel comfortable with stationery being an extension of your personal brand.  And with some, you’ll want to personalize note cards and stationery sheets with your business brand or simply just your initials.

But until then, take a look at the stationery collection of  Larry Gordon, Polo Ralph Lauren.   “My wardrobe of stationery is as diverse as my wardrobe of clothes,” Mr. Gordon told The New York Times. “And don’t get me started on ink color. I have five different shades of navy.”

See…stationery isn’t just for girls.


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