You’ll write to me won’t you CC?

Sure, we’re friends aren’t we?

Lines from my favorite movie, Beaches.  I don’t know what makes me love this movie so much, the friendship that forms so quickly between CC Bloom [Bette Midler] and Hillary Whitney [Barbara Hershey] or the handwritten letters that keep them in touch for decades.

Spring Break Stationery by The Printery

As you pack for spring break, perhaps you should think about throwing your address book and maybe a box of note cards in your carry on.  When you are sitting on delayed flights or  nursing that beverage on the beach or just relaxing after dinner, take a few moments to write a note to a friend…just to say you’re thinking of them.

Already started your vacation and didn’t think to bring along your address book?  Well, pick up a post card and send ME a note in the mail, TT Patton, 123 E Station Street, Barrington, IL  60010….we’re friends aren’t we?


One thought on “You’ll write to me won’t you CC?

  1. Great article! I have another movie recommendation that shows the beauty in writing letters that can form lifelong friendships: 84 Charing Cross Road (1987) with Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft. Anne Bancroft’s character is a writer who lives in NYC and writes to Anthony Hopkin’s character who is a bookstore owner in London. Anne’s character is searching for a rare book and she writes to him. The letters they exchange form a business relationship first and then later turn into a lifelong friendship. One of my favorite movies!

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