Bespoke: Men’s wear and stationery

I like to chat with the men at Phillips Men’s Wear.  They’ve been in the retail business awhile and I find I learn something from them every time we’re in discussion.  A few weeks ago during our “download”, I mentioned Bell’Invito, a line of Bespoke stationery  that we are featuring this month.  We digressed to research the word “bespoke” and realized it is used in both of our industries.  Bespoke is a British English term which means “made to the buyer’s specification”.  If you didn’t know, Phillips makes custom suits for clients, or bespoke suits.  And of course you know TT Patton makes bespoke stationery also made to our client’s specification.

So it seems to me, if you have bespoke suits, shouldn’t you also have bespoke stationery?  You get to pick your paper size, the shade and texture of the paper, the ink color and even higher quality printing, like letterpress or engraved.  You can even select a liner for your envelopes that match suits you have in your closet.

Oh, just think about it.

And, we’ll talk about that pen you carry into the board room later…


One thought on “Bespoke: Men’s wear and stationery

  1. TT thanks so much for including our name and mission in your, always interesting, landing page. The distinctive product line you carry is such a great compliment to the Barrington life style. Peter. Phillips Men’s Wear.

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