“No, I’m the groom…”

This morning, a young man walked in the shop looking for a wedding gift.  It’s common, men shop too.  He was rather reserved, looked a little lost, or maybe just very serious.  He mentioned he had never been in the shop before and just wanted to look around.   He also warned me that it might take a while for him to make a decision.  I thought, he’s buying for pretty special people, so I’ll let him be.  He asked a few questions along the way, but for the most part he was content with just piddling around.

Then he lingered and was very focused on a few journals.  I was pleased, because they just arrived this week.  They are very rugged, kinda Americana looking, reminds me of the northwest where they are made.  So I had to interrupt his solace and tell him they were handmade in Utah with vegetable dyed leather, and hand cut papers.  They have even made appearances in Harry Potter and other Hollywood movies.

He said, “perfect, I think he’ll like it, can you please wrap it.”  I said “sure, what a nice gift for the groom.”  He said, “no I’m the groom, it’s for my best man.  But why don’t you wrap 6 more and I’ll get them for all the groomsman.  I leave for Seattle in 2 hours, my wedding is tonight!”

That explains the lost look on his face…


2 thoughts on ““No, I’m the groom…”

    1. months of plninang is so true all the little details gave it such a unique touch and made it a wonderful day for all. Photos are amazing and I can’t wait to see more getting ready’ pictures!

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