What is that golf lookin’ book?

Lately there’s been many more men shopping at TT Patton. Maybe they’ve just discovered us or they enjoy shopping in dreary, rainy weather more than women.  But whatever the reason, they are an interesting group to study as it relates to shopping in a stationery and pen shop.  Here are some of my observations..

Guy 1 – “Is it odd to have your own name printed on your stationery?”
Guy 2 – He stood at the door, peaked in, then asked “What is this?”
Guy 3 – “I’m only coming in here to buy pens and refills…no girly paper stuff!”
Guy 4 – “My wife said to pick up her notebook, paper, cards, or something, do you know her?”

And my favorite is the one I just received after he saw the photo of all of the Graphic Image leather goods that can be personalized.
Guy 5 – What is that golf lookin’ book?

Well that is a “Memorable Rounds” leather book.  It can hold 4X6 photographs from a golf outing or your best and/or favorite golf score cards.  And yes it can be personalized with your name, company, league, or whatever you want.

Guys…you gotta love ’em!  We do!


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