3 Schools, 5 Classes, 112 Students…

If you ever wonder what a school teacher does,  just spend the day with one. Or 5?  Yesterday I joined a classroom at 3 elementary schools in Barrington School District 220; Mrs. Warrington’s 5th grade class at North Barrington, Ms. Berger’s 5th grade class at Sunny Hill, and we merged the 4th grade classes of Mrs. O’Brien, Mrs. Kranz and Ms. Kulwin at Roslyn Road.

Besides the trek across the large footprint of the district (in pouring rain), I was very concerned about keeping the students engaged.  But when I started talking about the history of fountain pens and writing letters, I was amazed at how interested they became.  At every school there were so many questions we almost ran out of writing time.

So after unpacking my bag from the busy day, this handwritten note by one of the students brings a smile to my face.   I would love to see the expressions on over 100 families when they get their mail this week.  That’s USPS mail….


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