Engraved Stationery for Boys Weekend

I started the day looking at old photographs.  I ran across vintage shots of my father-in-law wearing some pretty snazzy outfits.  You know, men back then wore bow ties.  The kind you actually had to “tie” and not those clip on versions.   Sort of like personal stationery…when you actually made a plate and ran the paper through a hand engraving press.

Well some men still appreciate the hand engraving process and continue to pass down the tradition.  A gentleman and his young son stopped in today to order engraved stationery.  It’s a Father’s Day gift they will share as they both have the same initials.   TT Patton is just one stop on their “boys weekend getaway”.

Next stop….haircuts!  That’s their Father’s Day gift to mom.


One thought on “Engraved Stationery for Boys Weekend

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