Crosstown Classic – Big Sales in Barrington

TT Patton opened in the fall of 2005 in the Ice House Mall at 200 Applebee Street in downtown Barrington.  Several of my clients still go there looking for our shop.  And some walk in and say “did you have a similar shop in that Mall with the Ice?”  Smile… I’m just glad they found us!

Well, you never forget your first love and I have a real affection for my first home.  I want to see it continue to thrive along with all businesses in Barrington.  So this year for sidewalk days I’ve partnered with the Barrington Home Shoppe to do a little  cross-marketing, “crosstown”.  We are encouraging you to shop the entire zip code during Barrington Sidewalk Days July 28th – July 30th.

Shop TT Patton or Barrington Home Shoppe and Save at Both!

Spend $100 and receive a

$10 TT Patton Coupon and a $10 Barrington Home Shoppe Coupon

Spend $500 or more and receive
10% off your entire purchase
and receive a

$50 TT Patton Coupon and a $50 Barrington Home Shoppe Coupon
See store coupons for details.

And don’t forget to stop by the Barrington Chamber Info Booth on Park & Cook Streets to obtain your personal plastic SHOP 60010 gift card, redeemable at SHOP 60010 participating retailers. Only 2,500 cards will be available, so get there early tomorrow.  A complete listing of all participating retailers and restaurants will be listed on the Chamber website.  Or just stop in any store where you see the 60010 sign.

See you this weekend!


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