The Hats of Barrington

Last year I attended the Kalaway Landowners Cup Polo Match for the first time.  What a blast!  So this year I recruited my business neighbors on the block to join TT Patton for an afternoon of fun.  And they came out in a big way!  Thank you to our primary sponsor Barrington Bank & Trust and Rick Wokoun.   Rick, you and your crew made our a tent a pretty fun time!  No worries…what happened in the tent – will stay in the tent!  If you attend the event, you surely noticed our sporty attire, compliments of our apparel sponsor Phillips Men’s Wear, and designed by owner Peter Yankala.  I think you might see me sporting this shirt again around TT Patton.  But all that fun was topped off with food and beverage provided by Francesca’s Famiglia.  I think this was the reason many stopped to “introduce themselves”.

But a big thanks to my friends Bert and Ricky (alias Fred) who doubled as photographers for the day.  Their subjects….hats.  Enjoy!

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