How do you Flex?

If you ever see me opening the shop or leaving at night, I always have a tote bag.  I’m obsessed with them.  But maybe it’s because I’m also obsessed with notebooks. I carry at least 3 at all times; my personal journal, my calendar, and a “doodle” book.  Sometimes I have a separate journal just for client notes.  You heard about the new leather holder for my composition notebooks?  It’s embossed with TTP.  Pretty slick.

A couple of weeks ago I bought the new Flex by Filofax.  I test products so I know what to tell my clients about the quality and utility.  Wink.  Flex is so cool and fun to explain.  On many days I laugh at myself.

To spare you my poor acting skills…I found a “Flex enthusiast”, Philofaxy, to explain all the details of this new “notebook”, made in the UK, now at TT PattonIf you are also a Filofax enthusiast, you will enjoy other information about Filofax at his website  Enjoy!

Flex by Filofax comes in 3 colors (slate, black and magenta); 3 sizes (pocket, slim and A5); with filler options such as notebooks, calendars, pen holders and jotters. Personalize it just for you.

Stop in and check it out.  Lets see how you flex!


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