Is your dye or color out of style?

I’ve never really liked the color of my hair.  So, I dyed my hair when I was younger.  Bad idea!  So now, I just live with what I have, gray and all.

But you don’t have to settle for one color when it comes to stationery.  Like magic, you can use the same die and create multiple colors.  That’s because engraved stationery uses a die which has a design or name carved into a copper or steel plate. Sometimes dies are called plates…I know…confusing.

To create beautiful engraved stationery, dies are placed into an engraving press, colored ink is loaded, the ink is “rolled” across the plates, and then the plates are pressed into the paper; BY HAND, ONE AT A TIME.  So now you know the secret that goes into creating this beautiful little Dempsey & Carroll holiday card.  It’s two colors…so it went through the process twice.Since 1878, Dempsey & Carroll has provided the finest quality engraving on natural fiber papers to many familiar icons around the globe.  The tradition of fine engraving continues with their boxed stationery collection right here at their exclusive Chicagoland retailer, TT Patton.  But if you’re ready to order fine stationery at the Dempsey & Carroll Trunk Show  this weekend, you have to make the plates first.   If you’ve never made engraving plates, no worries.  We’ll help you create and design your own personal look.

If you have your own dies we can make new stationery for you in an updated color and paper.  So look around your house for your dies and bring them to our Dempsey & Carroll Trunk Show this weekend.  We don’t want you to be out of style.

When I visited Pineider in Italy a couple of years ago, I toured a room filled with engraving plates. Pineider have plates that date back over 50 years. This goes to show you metal will last a long, long time.

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