USPS Bail Out

This week, collectively our clients picked up over 1200 holiday cards and over 30 boxes of personal stationery to give as gifts.  So now will you stop asking…”do people still write?”  Here at TT Patton we are doing our share to “bail out” the USPS.  Why?  Because not only do we need this American institution, but also they’re our clients.

As I rushed to finish addressing a thank you note and searched for the appropriate postage stamp, my mail carrier was kind enough to wait an extra minute.  And as you can see he found something in the shop that he enjoys.  Doesn’t he look like a natural using that Lamy Calligraphy pen?

Remember, the next time you think about writing someone a note, you could be saving a job.  And he or she could be a TT Patton client, or even your client.


One thought on “USPS Bail Out

  1. I was a city carrier in Chicago for 18 faithfull years, got sick, and was fired with no benefits, I have sympathy for the postal workers……. I myself was once there… I do hope they go belly up ….

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