Who will covet your handwritten notes?

I’ve been thinking about thank you notes since just before Thanksgiving.  Not to sell in TT Patton, but those I have received.  I’ve thought about all notes for that matter as I have boxes of letters and cards that I’ve received at the shop over the years. Occasionally, I’ll go thru them just to remind myself of the thoughtful people who took the time to write me a note.  So what to do with them?   And what to do with the large collection I have at home?

When I was an Engineering student at Boston University (BU), most of my work was done in the engineering labs.  Only the liberal arts students went to the real libraries.  But I recall a time during finals when I searched for a quiet place, away from all those I knew, to cram as much as I could.  After a quick distraction (or maybe it was a short nap), I found myself in the midst of a collection of writings by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   After displaying many of the thank you cards I’ve received in my shop window, it’s only now, just days before the celebration of his birthday, that I wonder why Dr. King selected BU for his collection.  Here’s what I found…

September 11, 1964

Questions from the Press (paraphrased): Why did you select Boston University (BU) to be the depository of your personal letters and handwritten manuscripts.
Response from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (paraphrased): 1.)  BU is my Alma mater. 2.) BU has meant so much to me in terms of the formulation of my thinking and the ideas that have guided my life. 3. ) BU was desirous enough to have the collection, could give it the right kind of attention and would be responsible enough to make the collection meaningful for the future.

Well, I wonder if BU would be so desirous of my collection of notes?  How about yours?  Who will covet your handwritten notes?  I think I better start building my own room…or get more boxes…


3 thoughts on “Who will covet your handwritten notes?

    1. I have from the time I was 15 (I’m 40 now). My all-time favorite is a birthday from my sister at 15! It’s really special because we argued incessantly! It was hand-drawn and written! That enlightened moment began my love of letters and softened our relationship. I made it a point not to argue with her anymore! =)

  1. I can’t say who will covet the notes I have collected. I do know that the letters I have sent to many of my friends are coveted. That’s the best feeling! =)
    As for a repository, I made a deal with myself that the really special ones to me I would make copies and leave with a family member to store. All others I would like to have buried with me. That’s how much I love my letters! =)

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