Attention Parents of Roslyn Road Students

If you see someone carrying around this bag in the hallways of Roslyn Road Elementary School, don’t be alarmed.  No it’s not the new book bag movement.  It’s our shopping bag filled with journals and pens for students participating in an after school writing program provided by TT Patton.

It’s a one month mini-course called Roslyn. Three. Two. Write!  led by Molly Koeneman; creative writing specialist.  Writing with their own fountain pen, students will spend five weeks journaling, lettering, storying, and poeting. This class is provided by TT Patton, bringing what we do Write Under the Stairs to Write at Roslyn.

In our room Write Under the Stairs, we host summer creative writing camps and beginner calligraphy classes for 3rd – 7th graders.  Watch for our summer class schedule and registration information coming in March.

To stay up to date on the many happenings at TT Patton, be sure to subscribe to this page, like us on Facebook and follow our Tweets.  However, if you want a fancy bag to carry your things around town…you have to shop TT Patton!


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