The Pens of March

I like the month of March.  Maybe because it’s a bit unpredictable.  For one thing, you can never tell what the weather’s going to be in March.  Especially if you live in the Chicago area.  It can be sunny and 50 degrees one day, and then later in the week, snowing.  Wait, that actually happened here in the past week.  So, you just have to be prepared.  And, maybe you can’t tell what the day will be just by looking out your window in the morning.  Just hope for the best and plan for…well…snow.

Which brings me to pens.  (Nice transition huh?)  It’s usually this time of the year when I consider what new products to bring to TT Patton.  Last year ACME launched the Beatles series and Visconti introduced the Van Gogh line.  It’s also this time of the year that many of the big stationery and pen shows are happening around the country and new product launches are all the rave.

So when I met with my Pilot representative this morning, in the midst of all the new lines (you’ll love them) we both agreed that the Namiki Vanishing Point by Pilot is still one of the coolest pens on the market today.  That’s because it looks like a traditional push ballpoint with a pocket clip, but it’s actually a fountain pen. You can’t tell just by looking at it (now you see the transition), but it has a nice 14K gold nib to make writing handwritten notes smooth and effortless.

And although some people (Jessica Liebman) think writing a handwritten note “just feels ancient”, I actually think it “just feels real”.  So why not get something that is real practical (looks like a ballpoint) and real fine (but it’s a fountain pen).

This is just the beginning of the “transitional season”….we have much more coming real soon to your favorite pen store in Barrington, TT Patton.


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