3 things to do before Spring Break

It’s almost spring break.  But there is no reason to travel to a warm climate because it’s 78 degrees here in Chicagoland!  But here are few things for you to do before you take a nice week off from your everyday life.

1.  Copy down this address.
Theresa Patton • c/o TT Patton • 123 East Station Street • Barrington, IL 60010
You’ll need it to send me a post card.  Please.  Even if you don’t plan to travel, could you simply write me a quick note on an index card, back of a photo or anything and drop it in the mail? It gets lonely around here when everyone leaves town.

2.  Pack your March Madness brackets.

I really hope you are near a television during the next week.  This is one of the best seasons of college basketball that I can remember.  As you can see I have a lot of crossed out brackets.  Not sure what my sheet will look like after today and tomorrow.  Exciting time to be a college student at a school headed to the Final Four.  Unfortunately my alma maters Boston University and Northwestern University didn’t make the cut…too busy studying I’m sure.

3.  Register for the Summer Writing Camp!
Yes, it’s back for the 4th straight year and we have some exciting classes offered throughout the summer.  Classes include creative writing, short stories, writings of other cultures, the use of fountain pens, and you will even earn a yellow belt in one of the classes.  No kidding.  But don’t get left out. Complete your registration before you pack a single pair of flip-flops!  You can download the form or register online.  We’re excited and hope that your 4th-7th graders will write with us this summer!  Watch this video to see what they can expect during the classes.

Now you go back to enjoying this 78 degree weather.  I’m just rearranging things at TT Patton to make room for new pens and stationery…


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