A conflicted heart…

I worked at Angelina in 2004.  I wanted to get a sense of the support from the Barrington community before opening TT Patton.  Angie, the owner at the time, hired me as the Sunday girl.  Many people would enjoy breakfast at Egg Harbor Cafe or frequent Starbucks on the corner and then shop Angelina.  It was fun getting to know the community.  So, Happy Birthday Angelina!  And Katie you’re a blast as a neighbor!

Many of you know TT Patton opened at the Ice House Mall.  The day of my grand opening, the owners of Barrington Home Shoppe (then the Canterbury Shoppe) brought me a gift to welcome me to business.  It’s funny how small, yet meaningful, gestures stay in your memory.  So when I learned the Barrington Home Shoppe is closing their doors, I was…, well…, just sad.  As a fellow business owner you want to see every business around you succeed.  And especially as a resident of this community, I personally want my downtown to be a vibrant place for me to frequent and shop.

So that’s why my heart’s conflicted.  I’m happy to see shops celebrate birthdays, and sad that some of the retail institutions of this town are saying goodbye.  Consider this an appeal letter…not for donations…for you to support ALL of the Barrington businesses.  Boarded up windows isn’t a good look for any town!


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