SHOP for the CAUSE

It’s nice when a town can rally around a cause.  But which one?  Did you know there are over 200 nonprofit groups in this zip code alone?  Really.  As a small retailer it’s difficult to support them all.  So a few years ago a couple of retailers started SHOP FOR THE CAUSE.  Your charity picks a day to shop and a percentage of the proceeds go the charity.  It’s good for all…good for the charity, good for the retailer…and good for the shopper.  It’s good to give.

So this Thursday is another shop for the cause; for the American Cancer Society.  It’s called Purple Heals – Sip, Shop & Dine.  And it will be easy to spot the participants because they will have purple balloons, purple bags, purple ribbons, and maybe even purple paper dresses in their windows.  And not just retail shops, but restaurants, coffee shops, photographers, and real estate agents; basically most of Barrington.  So if you don’t have any plans for Thursday night…SHOP 60010.  We’re keeping the lights on for you…for the American Cancer Society.  At least until 8pm…


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