She’s a natural!

It’s our fourth year of the summer writing camps. So we launched a search for just the right person to lead our 4th – 7th graders this summer.  Why not Molly Koeneman you ask?  Well, during the day she’s working for a “hot-shot” publishing company in Chicago.  But don’t fret, she will lead writing workshops on two summer Saturdays, so register early.

Our summer candidate search led us to a great new addition to TT Patton.  Let me introduce you to Brittany Walk, aka Britt.  She’s a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Secondary Education: Language Arts/English.  She’s a natural fit with teaching experience in Indiana and New Zealand with a passion for creative writing.  Britt also enjoys bicycling (long rides!) and is a Water Polo Assistant Coach.

Britt is very comfortable in the classroom.  She spent 2 days this week teaching the art of writing a letter to the 5th graders at Rose Elementary School in South Barrington.  (I can tell you some South Barrington moms are going to be in tears walking from the mailbox this week.)

So when you see this new face at TT Patton, just say Hi Britt!  Her energy is infectious and you’ll enjoy your chat!

Our summer classes begin June 18th.  Click here for more information.


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