New GFBs

I love my girlfriends.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes it’s not easy to detect what we have in common, but be assured there is a strand that connects us.  And just like a loose thread on the hem of your dress, relationships need to be carefully trimmed and not pulled.

I’m quick to say I can’t handle any new friends.  It’s a lot of work building and cultivating new relationships.  But just when I say that, I meet someone and discover a new “thread” I never knew was in my dress.  And that’s what happened during my trip to NYC a couple of weeks ago. I met some new girlfriends.  Actually they are business owners, Carol of Graphic Image, Mary of The Printery, and Jacqueline of Mrs. John L Strong.  What a dynamic group of women!  I didn’t have a chance to see Lauren of Dempsey & Carroll this trip, but Jenine stepped in to make me feel right at home on Lexington Avenue.

I don’t think I have to tell you the common thread that connects us…but in case you can’t figure it out…it’s fine paper and leather goods.  Meet my new GFBs, Girl Friends in Business.

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