REAL words with friends

I decided this morning that I really don’t like the game Words With Friends on smart devices.  It became an addiction when I started to play with multiple people at once.  I couldn’t eat dinner without thinking about what word to play to get the most points.  But something always seemed a bit odd to me.  Even though I was playing this intense word game with someone online, when they walked into the room with me there was no mention of it.  And even more annoying, I never heard them use the words they played.  So either I forfeited my games for “untimely” play, or I simply got beaten.  Regardless of how it ended, my days of playing are over.

I believe that REAL words with friends are shared over dinner, or walking in a park or even on the telephone.  But the best way to share words with friends is to write the words down on paper and mail it to them.   Personalize the cards with your name or initials and they will never forget who wrote such a personal note.  Even when they lose their smart devices, they’ll be left with lasting words….that are always timely.


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