Polo? But I’m from Joliet!

I grew up on a small cul-de-sac in Joliet called Pico Court.  During the summer we turned it into a tennis court (with no nets).  That’s where I learned how to play tennis.  I had a mean backhand and played on my high school team.

But horses?  Yeah.  I remember being around them on occasion, but they were, well, kinda dirty. Not a place I wanted to spend my weekends.  So when John Rosene and this friendly guy Jeff Hensel in the photo asked me to join them and host a tent at the LeCompte/Kalaway Landowners’ Polo Cup Match 2 years ago, well, I cracked up laughing.  John said “serious, it’s fun”. So I did. I invited a few close friends and some of my clients just to check it out.  We had a blast!

At last year’s event some of my guests photographed the Hats of Barrington. Well, this year…I added a little more fun, by designing shirts for my guests with Peter from Phillips Men’s Wear. Cute color huh?  So when you see someone wearing it around town…just say “hey, cute color”!

But why is Alex (the best server EVER) posing for a photo? Well, we were VERY excited to win Best Food at the event out of hundreds of tailgate!  Francesca’s Famiglia, catered and served delicious steak, fish and veggie sandwiches with great salads and sides, master-mined by event planner Andrea Alvarez.  But the icing on the “doughnuts” was the pretty tasty sweets from Glazed and Infused.  They were baked fresh and picked up that morning.  Yep that’s maple bacon with maple icing next to those cute glazed doughnuts with the TT Patton logo.  We also had doughnuts filled with crème brûlée, one doughnut was made with chocolate cake and chocolate fudge and chocolate ganache AND chocolate streusel.  We had lemon cake doughnuts and even raspberry glazed doughnuts.  I think Scott Harris the man behind Francesca’s Restaurants and Glazed and Infused has this food thing figured out!  Thank you Meagan Brown for helping a little girl from Joliet pick some great treats to host her “Polo event.”


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