Are you one of 3500 Special Families?

If you want to start a conversation this time of the year when you walk into a stationery shop, ask this question, “Do people still send holiday cards in the mail when they can send them online?”  Arrgh!   That’s like going to the dentist asking do people still get their teeth cleaned when there are electronic toothbrushes. Or do people still bake cookies when they can buy them in the grocery store.  Or better yet, why cook at all in your own kitchen when there’s probably a restaurant for every food you can imagine.


In the past week or so, over 3500 holiday cards were picked up from TT Patton for mailing; some for business, some for family and friends.  For some, it’s the only time of the year they send cards through the mail.  In the digital era, it can be hard to get noticed or recognized.  But studies have shown people open handwritten envelopes before any other mail they receive.  I’ve repeated this study in my home and it’s true!

So in these busy times, take a moment to order or pick up some holiday greeting cards, dig out your address book and spend some quiet time connecting with family and friends.  And if you’re lucky, you might be one of those 3500 special families to receive a beautiful holiday card from TT Patton.


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