Luxury starts with paper

Paper shows up in the most unusual places.  It’s everywhere.  So to all you techies, the world has not “gone digital”, yet.

Take for instance the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards last night.  Did you know the SAG nomination ballots are actually mailed?  And what about all the planning that goes into converting the Shrine Exposition Center into a lovely formal dining room?  I would love to see that to-do list.  The seating charts were made of poster board with black and white photos of the actors.  Simple, but leaving nothing to chance.


But what’s not simple is planning an event of this size and exposure.  While working on a project with Event Designer Hollis Haxby of Hollis and Co., I had a chance to chat with her about planning “events-extraordinaire.”  You’ve heard of Extreme Sports?  I’d label Hollis an Extreme Event Designer.  She’s known for transforming spaces with every detail researched and appropriate for the event.  In this photo she converted an empty space into a mid 20’s Prohibition Era dinner/dance soirée.  Everything from garage to invitations to glassware to lighting had to be representative of the era. It’s an all-consuming and rigorous process, and perhaps not for everyone.    165124_191507777527290_6191685_n


She insists her clients have an appreciation for detail and scope with most events requiring a long lead time and a pretty expansive budget.  “I spend a lot of time with my clients ,” says Hollis.  “I try to get into their heads to really understand what they want to create.  Ultimately, I have to select resources and vendors that will bring swatches, pictures and what we sketch on paper to life!”

Luxury…it all starts from a blank sheet of paper.


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