Henceforward shall be free – a Forever stamp

lettermo-business-cardI’m a Month of Letters participant. I’m African-American.  And it’s African-American History Month.  So it’s only fitting that I mail my letters this month with the Emancipation Proclamation stamp issued by the USPS.

In some ways we’ve come a long way from 1863 when Lincoln declared slaves “henceforward shall be free”.  It was a promise.  That was 150 years ago.  But it pains me to think just 50 years ago we were still fighting and killing for a freedom, that was promised.  And today, we strive to move forward.  And in spite of our challenges, we educate those along the way with why it’s still so important just to have an opportunity.


So maybe this small effort, a stamp on a piece of mail, traveling around the country, to friends and family and old colleagues, will serve as a reminder. That a people once separated, my own ancestors, placed aside the notion of hate to embrace hope; that change would come some day.  Freedom.  And it’s only fitting that it’s a Forever stamp.

Page three of the Emancipation Proclamation.
Page three of the Emancipation Proclamation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



2 thoughts on “Henceforward shall be free – a Forever stamp

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