Sotheby’s made my day!

The other day I was stopped by a real estate professional, Dragana Rajic.  No, she wasn’t stalking me to put my house on the market.  I see her pretty much everyday as she works from an office on the second floor above TT Patton.  She’s always smartly dressed, rushing to show luxury homes listed by Sotheby’s. But this particular day she stopped half way up the stairwell, very excited to show me something. She was literally balancing on the rail going through her briefcase to get to something she said I would definitely ‘just love’.  I couldn’t wait.  She handed me a handwritten note her college daughter sent to her last week.  It basically said “I love you mom…see you during spring break”, or something like that.  It really didn’t matter what it said.  It was handwritten on personal stationery she received as a graduation gift last summer, purchased from TT Patton.  The words were special.  But taking the time to write her mom, just warms my heart.  And the orange ink, well, that just made it cute and hip.

A simple box of stationery turned into a love note to a mom.

When clients come to shop for graduates, the first gift I recommend is personal stationery.  They can use it to send thank you notes for graduations gifts, for recommendations and even to prospective bosses.  Throw in a sheet of forever stamps and you’re good to go.

So Dragana, thanks for sharing.  Isn’t this so much better than a text message?  You made my day!!


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