Meet Elsa.

Meet Elsa.  She’s our summer intern this year for the Summer Writing Camp and we think she’s the perfect fit!  So, if you’ve registered your 4th-8th grader for summer camp this year, meet their instructor.

Elsa Guenther, Creative Writing Specialist

This fall, Elsa Guenther (Wheaton, Illinois) enters her final year at DePaul University majoring in English, Creative Writing with a Minor in Theatre Studies and Psychology.  She’s been on the Dean’s List all quarters in attendance and in 2010 she was accepted through audition as 1 of 40 actors for The Theatre School at DePaul.

During her time at DePaul, Elsa was a Chicago Mentor, a teaching position that introduces Freshman to college life and the city of Chicago.  But her studies have taken her beyond Chicago.  Last winter she studied Travel Writing, Religion and Politics while she lived with a host family in Morocco.  But one of her most rewarding experiences came this spring semester in the National Outdoor Leadership School in New Zealand.  A small group of students and 2 instructors backpacked off-trail, sea kayaked, and sailed; all while taking classes with assignments and exams in ecology, first aid and leadership.  Elsa admits it was “physically, mentally and emotionally challenging.” Elsa has published poetry, judged speech tournaments and enjoys camping and yoga.  We’re excited to have Elsa join TT Patton.

Octopus ImageSummer writing camps are for students grades 4th – 8th.  This year we’ve included Cursive Writing and  Calligraphy.  Register today!


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