Mr. Ricketts Promised a World Series…

Where did the summer go? Today is the last day of summer writing camp and I’m going to miss the young writers going in and out of the shop.  But I don’t want to be selfish, I’m happy to hand them off to their new teachers for the next school year.

So what did everyone do this summer?  I played a little golf, rode my motorcycle to the Carolinas and tried to harvest some vegetables from my makeshift garden.  But the highlight of  my summer was celebrating my grandfather’s 100th birthday.  I just can’t get it out of my head what it means to live an entire century.  I’ve seen so many changes in my short lifetime (no giggles), but they might seem insignificant to someone who has lived over twice as long as I have.

A few years ago I interviewed my grandfather (Papa) to learn a little more about him.  You know, how he came to live in Joliet from Mississippi, his memories of various time periods, what he was like when he was my age, etc.  That was an interesting and sometimes emotional conversation.  But during our 4 hour chat he shared that he is and has always been a VERY big Cubs fan.  He said he used to listen to them before television, when television came along he watched, then his eyes went bad, so now he listens again. He’s such a big fan he says he’s
“staying around until they win a world series.”

So when I was trying to think of ways to honor and celebrate Papa for his birthday I wrote a short note to the Chicago Cubs Chairman, Tom Ricketts.  I shared with him the story of my Papa, that he’s turning 100 and how he so loves the Cubs, that he’s not “leaving” until they win a world series. I didn’t expect to hear from him immediately, he’s a busy guy arguing with the Mayor and all.  But I was just tickled “blue” when I received this letter sent to my Papa in the mail, just before his party.

Cubs Letter
The promise of the world series is somewhere in the last sentence of the letter.

By the way, I love football. I’m a  Chicago Bears fan. But after this wonderful note from Mr. Ricketts, well, you can also call me a Cubs fan! COMMITTED!

P.S. And to those WGN radio guys (Pat and Keith) that chatted about Papa during the Dodgers game last week, you’re the best!


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