What is fabulousness?

holiday collageI posted this photo on the TT Patton Facebook page yesterday with a post that read: “Placed five orders for custom holiday cards this week. Of course so soon….it takes time to create all this fabulousness!”

I received a private message from a fan stating “fabulousness is not a word”.  Really?  I made it up.  But just in case you want to know what I was thinking as I was making it up…here you go.

It starts from the root fabulous.  You know, cool, outstanding,  breathtaking, superb, marvelous, etc. But I needed it to sound better, bigger, cooler than just fabulous. Plus fabulous is so overused.   So I added “ness”.  I’m sure I’m not the first and I won’t be the last.  It’s for fun.  It’s to entertain.  I mean really, this blog is purely “passions of a stationery shop owner.”

The real message in the photo is TT Patton has some of the best vendors in stationery design.  These creative directors can cook up some very fun, serious, flamboyant, conservative and whimsical designs just to name a few.  But creating all this “FABULOUSNESS” takes time.  So I urge you to start planning for your holiday party invitations, holiday greeting cards, …well, ….now!




One thought on “What is fabulousness?

  1. My goodness! Who made this person the word police? The English language is not a static thing, but a living, breathing, evolving language. Googling the word “fabulousness” yields “about 1,080,000” results. That, in and of itself, says something. So keep the fabulousness coming, and thanks for a great blog posting!

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