10 Symptoms of STYNNS

I know you are stressed.  So many people to write on National Send a Handwritten Letter Day.  Relax.  Just make yourself a beverage (coffee, tea or a cocktail will do), pull up a chair to your favorite desk, dig out that address book and then decide which stationery you’d like to use.  photo

What?  You can’t seem to find your stationery?  Mmmmmm…  Seems like the 1st symptom of  Signs That You Need New Stationery (STYNNS).

Here are the 9 other symptoms of STYNNS

2. You mail notes written on spiral notebook paper

3. You reuse the envelopes sent with your bills

4. The return address is no longer your address

5. The name on your personalized cards is no longer your name

6. The paper color no longer matches the envelope color

7. The envelopes are pre-stamped with 29¢ stamps

8. The envelope size is too small for your note cards

9. You can find a card OR an envelope

But the biggest sign is….

10. The stationery you found doesn’t represent the 2014 you!

But don’t be shy.  Go ahead and send me what you have on National Send a Handwritten Letter Day.  If it’s postmarked January 17, 2014, I’ll send you a surprise in the mail.

Have fun writing.  It helps to keep the post office open!  Won’t you help?


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