Hotel stationery worth over $2 million?

I have a client that enjoys to write handwritten notes to his business colleagues.  He also shared that when he travels (which is weekly!) he uses the hotel stationery to compliment the staff and frequently encloses tips for exceptional service.  However, on a recent trip, he was stunned to realize that the hotel did not offer stationery in the guest rooms.  He was told that may people prefer internet access and the stationery was getting old and faded, so they removed it from the rooms when they remodeled. According to him, this was no “Super 8”, but arguably a 5 star hotel in a very large city on the east coast.

So a few weeks ago he came in to get his very own personalized stationery that he could carry in his briefcase while on the road.  We wouldn’t want that unfortunate experience to keep him from writing now would we?

Today I read an article about a draft of Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone,” selling for over $2 million.  What was most intriguing about the draft to me was that it was written on letterhead stationery from the Roger Smith Hotel in Washington, D.C.  So…maybe…one night…sleepless in Washington, Bob Dylan drafted one of the greatest songs of all time.  Thank you Roger Smith Hotel for providing stationery to your guests.

Like A Rolling Stone Auction-1.jpg
AP Photo/Sotheby’s, File

Who knew those four pieces of hotel stationery would be worth over $2 million? Maybe that should be an incentive to capture your random thoughts when you travel. Just grab a piece of hotel stationery (or reach into your bag for your own personal stash or your journal) and just write. You never know when you’re creating something special…and lasting.

About the Roger Smith Hotel Classic Queen Room
Perfect for a couple, good friends, or the solo traveler, the Classic Queen offers a queen bed or two double beds in a spacious room equipped with a writing desk and other unique furnishings. Enjoy a bit of bedtime reading with one of the many books from our special collection, or kick back with a complimentary movie from our extensive video library.

Room at Roger Smith Hotel


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