What’s keeping you from writing?

7up Cake
My favorite dessert is 7up cake. Here’s one just out of the oven using my aunt Lenora’s recipe. Yummy!

Your friend from college is coming to visit. You baked a cake because you haven’t seen her in many years and you want her visit to be special. You also roasted a chicken,  prepared fresh vegetables and set your table with fresh-cut flowers.  Then she walks in and asks “do people still cook?”


We get questions and interesting comments everyday related to writing.  Here are my favorite 16.

1. Question: Do people still write?
TTP: I certainly hope so!  Actually many people are going back to using the postal service hoping their mail isn’t lost in the hundreds of email people receive daily.  Stand out from the crowd.
2. Question: Has email/text hurt your business?
TTP: Nope.  There’s reason to communicate via text and email.  Handwritten notes are for those that appreciate sending and receiving something special in the mail.  There are many of us still around.
3. Comment: Writing is such a dying art.
TTP: Really? I’m enjoying writing this post! So it’s not too dead.
4. Comment: I don’t journal because I’m afraid someone will read it.
TTP: Writing your personal thoughts in a journal is, well personal and intended to be private.  I’d recommend finding a special place to keep it when you’re not writing in it.  But if someone goes snooping…well that’s on them. 
5. Comment: No they don’t write, they use their electronic stuff all the time. Soon the world will be paperless.
TTP: I’ve yet to attend a meeting or visit a classroom when someone didn’t have a piece of paper and pen near by.  And what’s wrong with a little stationery on hand to send someone a note to say thank you, or just to say hi!
6. Comment: I’ll get the folded notes so I don’t have to write so much.
TTP: It doesn’t have to be much.  Whatever works for you…just write!
7. Comment: Stamps are so expensive!
TTP: 49 cents.  You can’t even buy bottled water at the gas station for 49 cents.  Send someone a note and see how far that 49 cents goes. 
8. Question: Aren’t they closing all the post offices?
TTP: Until they do…use them!
9. Question: What do you write in a journal?
TTP: Anything you feel.  Happy times, sad times, plans, goals, to do lists, wedding vows, spiritual notes, etc. It’s yours.  Use it however you like.
10. Comment: I just don’t know who I would write to.
TTP: Take out your address book and start with letter A. Your first thought will be a memory of the last time you spoke with that person. Well, sit down and pen a note to them. Or you can always write to me. 😉
11. Comment: Everyone is always stealing my nice pen.
TTP: Then find a better place for it.  Maybe near your wallet?
12. Comment: Maybe when I’m _____ (insert excuse) I’ll get my own stationery.
TTP: What are you waiting for?  Currently it’s on sale for $29.95 box for 50.  Get some for you and your staff and your kids and your mom and….
Embossed August Sale13. Question: I really should write more notes, right?
TTP: Yes. And you get a big bang for the buck when you do.
14. Comment: I was at a business event but had no business cards.
TTP: So how did that work out for you?  You should at least have some calling cards with your name and email/phone number on you at all times.
15. Comment: I do everything on my computer.
TTP: Really? I can think of a few things that you CAN’T do on your computer.  And one is send a note in the mail.
16. Comment: I have horrible handwriting.
TTP: So. Practice. It will improve.  And people don’t care…they simply say, “Awwww  Susie sent me a note in the mail, wow her handwriting is horrible, awwwww what a nice note, she’s so thoughtful!” See how that goes? All good.

And the list goes on and on….

So I have only one question for you…have you written lately? 
No excuses, just do it!


2 thoughts on “What’s keeping you from writing?

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