Add Beauty to Your Home and Gifts – Take Our Calligraphy Class!


The word “calligraphy” translates from the original Greek into “beautiful writing” (Merriam-Webster). And beyond the beauty of calligraphy is the craft, of creating something unique which requires skill. No one can pick up a calligraphy pen and simply start writing – instruction is necessary. When you see calligraphy you can understand why it may take a lifetime to try to perfect this art form.

Luckily, we have an expert in calligraphy who can teach you enough in three hours so that you can add this special detail to your holiday gift cards, place cards, or other simple projects. Dena Bellows has been practicing and teaching calligraphy for over 30 years. We are fortunate to have her teach this class where you will receive personal attention and instruction right in our store.

For many of us, giving gifts around the holidays is not just about what is inside the box, but how it is presented. The wrapping paper and ribbon are important, and so is that gift tag. When your recipient sees their name in stunning, curvy script, they will know how much effort you made to ensure it was personal and thoughtful.

We have three classes in October. Click here to register and see more details. Make sure to reserve your spot early, as this class has filled up quickly in the past! Class fee includes a beginner’s calligraphy pen, nibs, ink, and practice paper. Contact us at 847-277-0073 if you have further questions.


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