I’m Still a Writer (and a Millennial)

It’s no secret: I’m part of 20141229_115719Generation Y. The Millennials. Whatever you want to call us, we’ve been painted as a generation who always has their face stuck in their iPhone. Attempting to avoid any social interaction or contact with the others around us, we would prefer to stick our ear buds in, scroll Facebook or Instagram, and tune the world out. We may be allergic to casual conversation. We may experience severe reactions if detached from our devices.

There’s a problem with this characterization; it doesn’t always fit. I’m an avid reader, but I don’t own a Kindle, instead, preferring to read “real” books. I like their smell. I like how the pages feel. I like to see my progress as I dog ear a page (or use a bookmark). I use technology a lot for work, but it doesn’t own my life. I’ve never had an iPhone or an iPad. And I always hope I will sit next to someone interesting on a plane so I can hear about someone else’s life.

With the New Year here, lots of people have already started planning their year, and many do so on their tablet or smartphone calendar. My phone syncs with my Gmail account, so it is a convenient way to keep up to date with social events and family obligations. However, I still keep a paper planner. For me, there is no substitute for hand writing my to-do’s, reminders, and appointments. Writing it into my paper planner singes its details into my memory in way that typing it into my phone does not.

The same goes for a paper hanging calendar. A paper calendar on the wall gives a physical space to time; you can see the size of a month in front of you, perhaps allowing for a greater appreciation of how little time we have and how fast it goes by. This realization is something any person of any generation can appreciate. So call our generation whatever name you like, but don’t call us disengaged. We don’t all have our nose in our phone. We may love technology, but there is still room for paper.

P.S. Make planning on paper easy with our Filofax organization planners in three different sizes filled with a calendar, notes section, and contacts. Big enough to hold extra credit cards or your checkbook, but small enough to fit in your purse or briefcase.


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