It’s been sensational on Station Street!

photographed by Julie Linnekin

When I first saw the space that would become TT Patton on Station Street, my idea for a little stationery store started to feel like a reality. Now that we are marking down our inventory and selling some of our furnishings, the reality that we are leaving this sensational location at the end of September is sinking in.

We have made many memories in Barrington. If you have ever been to the room “write under the stairs” you will see some of these memories literally drawn on the walls. We spent many summer weeks with 3rd through 8th graders crafting poetry, posting letters and even writing and performing screenplays.  We will miss the laughter (oh the stories these whimsical walls could share about young students) while filling fountain pens for the very first time.


Between writing camps with your children and calligraphy lessons with local artists, selecting your cherishes Christmas cards, wedding invitations and the stationery that speaks to your personality, or finding the perfect pen and journal to tell your story–TT Patton hopes it has inspired as many stories as it has selfishly enjoyed over the last decade. The friendships made while sitting on those Asian high chairs have forged relationships inspired by the simple joy of writing.

The shops of 60010 have been a network of support. We were pleased to be a member of such a wonderful group of proprietors.  Some of you have shared your joys and your fears of small business retail all while offering strategies for longevity in challenging times.

Graphic Image Leather Accessories
photographed by Tim Seed Photography

But you know that TT Patton will never really be gone.

… and it really won’t be! Our virtual store will soon expand for all your stationery needs, and personal consulation for custom orders like wedding invitations, fine personalized stationery and corporate giving is available by appointment only in Chicago.  And stay tuned… because you might find us at another location soon, but just a bit further west of the Mississippi river.

As we leave this storefront in Barrington it opens up for something new and wonderful to come. So, stop by 123 East Station Street while it’s still home to TT Patton for 50% off all of our in-store products–pens, cards, journals, etc. And in case you want to take a larger piece of the memories home with you ask about our furniture pieces that are marked for sale, too.

It’s been sensational on Station Street and writing in Barrington for over a decade has been a blast.  We hope you feel the same and invite you to share your favorite TT Patton memory.  So long….for now.


2 thoughts on “It’s been sensational on Station Street!

  1. Hi T, I am late to the party and sorry I didn’t come by sooner. Your message was up in the window. I will be seeing you on line and wish you well. I will be missing my favorite store in the center of town, Bruce

  2. Teresa,
    I am so sad I missed saying goodbye. You are a treasure and will be missed.
    Please put me on your email list:)
    Laura Kamptner

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