And So It Begins …

“Guiltiness is someone banging on your heart/Guiltiness is someone knocking on your door/Guiltiness is like a stab in your soul/Guiltiness is like a never ending stomach ache/Guiltiness is a hole in a mountain.”  -Olivia, grade 5


TT Patton’s summer program kickoff was a roaring success.  We wrote, we read, we laughed, and then we wrote some more.  The short poem above was one of our applied simile and metaphor exercises, which encouraged our students to rework the way they think of emotion by comparing it to, say, a hole in a mountain.  Or as 4th grader, Bridget wrote, “Peace is like the quietness on the moon.”  I was floored by the sheer amount of bright excitement and endless imagination our 4th and 5th grade poets and authors, readers and writers, brought into the store yesterday.  


Perhaps the favorite activity of the day was one that featured Jack Prelutsky’s Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant, and then asked the writers to create their own “Scranimal” (scrambled animal) and place them into a silly story.  I now have two small books on my desk here entitled “Pencocks” (yep, you guessed it–a pen peacock hybrid) and another, “Paintoalas,” a clever koala with paintbrush hands.  Today, we’re ready to play a bit with perspective, dialogue, and character development, all while spending some time outdoors downtown Barrington soaking up this gorgeous sun.  If the young writers in your life would like to hang out with the TT Patton team composing short stories next week, or writing poetry in our creative writing camps, or even performing a group-written screenplay, take a look at our Summer Camp page, or register to join us on the Big Cartel.




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